Our New Website and You!

Euryale a posted Jul 15, 14

Welcome to our new home! As hard as it is to say goodbye to afguild.org, our website was slowly losing functionality due to our version of phpBB becoming more and more outdated. As AF continues to grow, we wanted to be able to add new features to our website that we simply couldn't add before without bringing the whole thing down on our heads. So, the officers have been hard at work giving the website we all know and love a shiny makeover.

Setting your character as your main
On our new website, we no longer have to manually set classes for each user. Simply go to your profile, scroll down until you see Characters on the right side, and add as many of your WoW characters as you want. Please set your raiding character as your main so that your name and class will be reflected correctly on the forums. If you are not a raider, please set your main in AF as your main character so that you'll be able to view member forums.

Imported forums & wish lists
The hosting company we're using was able to successfully port over all of our old threads and posts, so as we transition to the new website we won't lose all of those memories. Users were supposed to be linked to their old forum posts provided they used the same email address to sign up for Enjin as they did on our old website. For the time being this hasn't been implemented, though tech support is looking into it. This means that while you can see your old wish lists and posts, you'll be unable to edit them as they don't technically belong to a user. We've recreated wish list posts on each class forum and ask that you copy the plain text version of your old wishlist into a reply, so that you'll have a wishlist that you can update. Feel free to reformat your post if you want, though we're not requiring it. We would advise not to edit your post on afguild.org and copy the formatted from there, as the item codes and formatting on our new website are different and will not display properly.

On the right side of the upper menu bar, we have an all-new stream section for our site. The embedded streams should automatically start playing when active, and of course you can still full-screen a stream or go to that user's twitch page while you watch. If you'd like to have your raiding stream added to that tab, please shoot Aislinn a message and we'll get you set up to start sharing.

View new posts
This button is still here, but has been moved to just above your character portrait on the left side of the screen.

Loot Distribution
Attendance and loot will be viewable by raid under this tab. We've imported most of the data from last week, but as of last Thursday we're running an addon that will automatically track attendance, punctuality and loot. You can view attendance and loot by clicking a character's name anywhere in this section. Please note that you still need to post if you're going to be absent or late, as the raid exemptions are still entered manually. At this point in time, this tab is only able to be viewed by raiders.

We will shortly be retiring our recruitment forums, and instead have created raider and member applications directly on the website. This provides some additional functionality such as requiring images to be uploaded for questions relating to UIs, offering multiple choice options for professions, and still leaving plenty of room to write for short and long answer questions.

On the lower left side of your screen you'll see a pop-up chat room that can be used to talk to other users browsing the site. The full chat room can be reached by clicking the "Chat" tab in the top menu bar.

Questions, comments, or concerns? Let us know! This site is still a work in progress but we're already very proud of how far it's come.